Within times of globalization the competition becomes bigger and bigger. Our products and services allow our clients to make the most of their knowledge and resources in their own competitive environment. We help our clients to work more effectively and to optimize their performance.

Long term, true partnerships

We see our customers as our long-term, true partners. We see it as our main task to minimize them risk and to make our solutions an added value to them business.


Our company stands for stable, high quality and business excellence. The results of our work match to highest standards of performance, usability, security and scalability. We measure the quality of our work by the success of our clients.


The speed in the software development being raunchy, we are not only keeping the pace, but is finding ourselves constantly in the next generation, bringing the tomorrow into today.


In the center of all our activities are humans. We see it as our mission to enable and increase the potential of our employees and partners. They share the success of our clients as they master everyday to develop it further.

Company Culture

Our company culture is very simple: We focus to serve our customer and partners. We reach this goal trough our people and we recruit not only the best candidates but also the ones with the right character and with an entrepreneurial and team player “DNA”.


Today, to live actively means ongoing learning all the time. The entire our staff is constantly on the move to increase knowledge. Together with our partners we organize training in order to ensure progression, self-improvement and future possibilities. We plan our management to be in-house grown and longterm based.

Office Premises

We use A-class office premises in easy accessible places with a good balance between quality and price and nearby well developed infrastructure (Restaurants, shops). We choose office premises with potential to where we have possibility to grow together with our partners and customers.


Be a responsible citizen that makes a difference by helping build and support sustainable communities.